Labyrinth of Lies [x]

Today is the store release of Labyrinth of Lies, and I made sure to pick up my copy. I started playing it this afternoon, and I am really enjoying it so far. To create a look inspired by this game, pair a lace-embellished sleeveless blouse with a pastel cardigan, a cream skirt, lacy tights, metallic oxfords, and a metallic cross body bag. Pomegranate earrings, a flame necklace, a pomegranate necklace, Grecian inspired bracelets, a Greek statue ring, a rosette ring, and a laurel wreath headband complete the look.

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All American Apple Pie Shake (Alibi in Ashes) [x]

Yesterday, I baked up some pumpkin bread, which got me craving other fall flavors. Cinnamon and apples are other delicious autumn flavors I love, which reminded me of the apple pie shake you can order in Alibi in Ashes. To create a look inspired by this treat, pair a cream and yellow dress with a lace-trimmed cardigan, lacy tights, ruffled booties, a scalloped cross body bag, and a gold hair bow. Apple earrings, a spoon necklace, an apple necklace, gold and pearl bracelets, a spoon handle ring, and an apple ring complete the look.

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Today, I passed 1000 followers on this blog. I just wanted to thank all of my lovely followers for supporting me and this blog. Every like and reblog makes me smile and infinitely brightens my day! Thank you to each and every one of you for following me!

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Halloween is upon us, and who better to dress up as than Nancy Drew. She’s the perfect mix of class, glamour, and mystery. To create a classy, sassy detective costume, pair a fun trench coat with a vintage dress, a satchel bag, oxford heels, and a cloche hat. A twist on pearl earrings, a magnifying glass necklace, a skeleton key ring, and a typewriter key ring bring in the perfect elements of vintage flair and mystery. Happy Halloween!

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Baking Cookies (Danger by Design) [x]

The other day, I baked some chocolate chip cookies. They didn’t have mint in them like Jing Jing’s recipe, but they still tasted delicious! Like JJ, I love to bake, eat, and share cookies. To create a look inspired by the task of baking cookies in DAN, pair a button-down dress with a cable knit cardigan, laser cut boots, a scalloped satchel bag, and chiffon hair bow clips. Cookie earrings, baking inspired necklaces, pearl bracelets, a chocolate bar ring, and a rosette ring complete the look.

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iwantakokokringle asked: I can't remember if you've done this, but you could try making outfits based on the flavors of ice cream from Scoop

I’ve done a few (Peachy Keen and Cheery Cherry), and I’m slowly working on some of the others! Thanks for the reminder to work on them!

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Anonymous asked: Hi! First, I'd like to say that your blog is amazing and your sense of style is just flawless. Second, I'm very sorry to hear that you lack inspiration lately. So after some brainstorming with my husband we came up with some things that might inspire you: 1) mint chocolate chip cookies, 2) maybe those birds that every team on MED had as their "symbol", 3) miles the magnificent memory machine. And I remember that somebody here asking you to make those Prudence Rutherford outfits less hideous ;)

Thank you so much for your lovely comments and suggestions! I’ll definitely work on outfits inspired by the cookies and by Miles.

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