Fox and Geese (The White Wolf of Icicle Creek) [x]

I didn’t play as many Nancy Drew games this summer as I would have liked. One of the game I would have liked to replay was ICE; I want to see if I can finally beat fox and geese on my own, without help from family members. After all, where there’s a will there’s a way! To create a look inspired by this mini game, pair a bow neck blouse with a coordinating cardigan, high waisted shorts, oxford flats, and a satchel bag. Fox earrings, a goose necklace, a fox ring, a bird ring, and a stack of bracelets complete the outfit.

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The Secret of Shadow Ranch [x]

When the lovely robotteaparty showed me this cute Topshop dress, the prints immediately reminded me of the motifs present throughout Shadow Ranch. From the blankets, rugs, and artwork in the ranch house to the saddle blankets in the tack room, southwestern prints are definitely present in this game. To create a look inspired by SHA, pair the aforementioned dress with a slouchy cardigan, black tights, lace booties, and a bag embellished with studs and fringe. Horseshoe earrings, an arrow necklace, black and gold bracelets, a gold heart ring, and an arrowhead ring bring in elements of the game to complete the look.

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The Shattered Medallion [x]

I know a lot of people didn’t like MED, but I actually enjoyed it! One thing I enjoyed was all the space references, and talking to Sonny and Jamila about them. To create a look inspired by this game, pair a mesh jacket with a chambray shirt, a lacy skirt, combat boots, a cross body bag, and a hair bow. Planet earrings, a planet necklace, space inspired bracelets, and a medallion ring complete the look.

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The Creature of Kapu Cave [x]

Today, I woke up to a huge thunderstorm. But by noontime, the rain had stopped and the sun was shining again. This weather pattern reminded me of the cutscene at the beginning of CRE, which begins with a storm. By the time Nancy arrives to the camp, it’s sunny again. To create a look inspired by this game, pair mint shorts with a cream lace top, an ombre cardigan, mint flower sandals, a sunhat, and a pineapple purse. Floral earrings, a turtle necklace, a tiki ring, and a shell ring complete the look.

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Ghost of Thornton Hall [x]

The weather these past few days has been kind of gloomy. The sky has been constantly gray, and rain has fallen several times. When the weather is like that, I just want to curl up and read a mystery story. I think GTH is perfect for replaying during dark, gray weather. The atmosphere around you just adds so much to the gloomy, spooky atmosphere in the game. To create a look inspired by this game, pair a floral embellished top with scalloped shorts, a gray cardigan, a lace clutch, studded flats, and a lacy hair bow. Tree branch stud earrings, a cameo ring, a masquerade mask ring, and silver and pearl bracelets complete the look.

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The Secret of Shadow Ranch [x]

When I was in elementary school, I had a pair of cowboy boots I wore constantly. I wore them nearly everyday, with every outfit. I can honestly say they were my favorite shoes! Nowadays, I don’t wear cowboy boots, but this cute pair with lacy inserts on the sides would make a wonderful addition to my wardrobe. These boots also instantly reminded me of SHA, which is a bonus. To create a look inspired by that game, pair a sheer blouse with a slouchy cardigan, khaki jeans, cowboy boots, an infinity scarf, and a fringed backpack. Daisy earrings, a horse necklace, a patterned cuff bracelet, a horse head ring, and a gold heart locket ring bring in elements of the game and complete the look.

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Danger by Design [x]

Some days, I just feel like dressing up. I like to think I would fit in in Paris around all the fashionable people there. I think this outfit would be perfect for working for someone like Minette; you’d look cute and fashionable, yet still be comfortable. To create an outfit inspired by Danger by Design, which takes place in Paris, pair a graphic tee with a cardigan, lacy skirt, oxfords, a lacy hair bow, and a stained glass print backpack. Floral earrings, a teapot necklace, a stack of bracelets, an Eiffel Tower ring, and a camera ring bring in elements of the game to complete the look.

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