Labyrinth of Lies [x]

When the cover art for Labyrinth of Lies was revealed on Tuesday, I was instantly inspired by the beautiful color scheme, and by the story of Hades and Persephone. The gorgeous cover art has made me even more excited for the game release! To create an outfit inspired by this upcoming game, pair a magenta sweater with a pink jacket, gold jeans, a studded bag, studded oxford flats, and a magenta hair bow. Flame earrings, a pomegranate necklace, a flame ring, a floral stack ring, and a stack of floral bracelets complete the look.

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Eating Ice Cream (Alibi in Ashes) [x]

I really didn’t eat much ice cream this summer. However, I did eat a delicious bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream the other day and it made me wonder why I don’t indulge more often. When I play Alibi in Ashes, I always make sure to let every character try every single treat at Scoop. To create an outfit inspired by the delicious goodies in ASH, pair a lacy top with a crochet cardigan, white jeans, lacy flats, a hair bow, and a pink and cream bag. Rosette earrings, a spoon necklace, a spoon handle ring, an embroidered ice cream ring, and a stack of bracelets complete the look.

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Velina’s Market (The Phantom of Venice) [x]

One of my favorite parts of the summer is visiting outdoor markets to buy fresh produce and flowers. If I lived in a city like Venice, I would constantly being going to a market like Velina’s to pick up something to eat or something to spruce up my living space with. To create a look inspired by the market in VEN, pair a lace-top dress with a coordinating cardigan, color blocked oxfords, and an envelope-style bag. Wooden flower earrings, a floral statement necklace, a floral and lace cuff, and floral rings complete the look.

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Message in a Haunted Mansion [x]

One of my favorite pieces for wearing year round is my chambray dress. It’s perfect for wearing by itself on warm days, and can easily be paired with a cardigan once the weather turns chilly. I love to pair this dress with scarves, and the pattern on this one instantly reminded me of the china cups in MHM. To create a look inspired by this game, pair the aforementioned dress and scarf with a lace front cardigan, lace trimmed flats, a satchel bag, and a hair bow. Stud earrings, a key necklace, a cameo ring, and a gardenia ring complete the look.

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Mary’s Gifts (The Secret of Shadow Ranch) [x]

This printed dress instantly reminded me of Mary’s Gifts from SHA. The printed top is reminiscent of the blankets and other items she sells, while the warm colors make me think of the woodwork in the store. To create a look inspired by this location, pair the aforementioned dress with a cardigan, woven sandals, and a fringed bag. Coin earrings, an arrowhead necklace, a turquoise bracelet, and Native American inspired rings complete the look.

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Anonymous asked: where can i buy that nancy charm bracelet you posted about?

The charm bracelet is something I put together myself on Polyvore using charms from all over the internet, so it’s not available to buy. If you wanted a bracelet like that, you’d have to buy all the charms from different stores online and assemble it yourself.

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Secrets Can Kill [x]

I honestly can’t believe how quickly the summer flew by. It doesn’t seem like the beginning of a new school year should be here; but, it is, and it’s time to go back to school and hit the books. One thing that would make school so much more interesting would be a mystery to solve; I would love to be able to solve a real-life mystery some day! To create an outfit inspired by the case where Nancy is at a high school, pair ombre jeans, with a matching cardigan, a metallic trim tee, an infinity scarf, a hair bow, and silver tipped oxfords. Stud earrings, an element necklace, a manatee ring, an element ring, and a stack of bracelets complete the look.

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