The Drew Home (Alibi in Ashes) [x]

The Drew’s beautiful home in ASH is by far one of my favorite locations in the series. It’s just simply gorgeous, and the light, bright, cheery feel is so wonderful. I would love to someday live in a home as gorgeous as Nancy’s! To create a look inspired by this location, pair a yellow bow front dress with a coordinating cardigan, floral lace tights, oxford shoes, a cross body bag, and a cream hair bow. Floral earrings, a locket necklace, a rosette ring, a skeleton key ring, and gold and pearl bracelets complete the look.

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Jing-Jing’s Kitchen (Danger by Design) [x]

I love to bake year-round, but that passion really starts to kick in during the autumn. There’s just something about the crisp air that makes you want to curl up with a fresh-baked treat. Needless to say, I love when games include baking and cooking challenges, including baking cookies in Danger by Design. To create a look inspired by Jing-Jing’s kitchen, where Nancy bakes these cookies, pair a cream blouse with a cozy brown cardigan, pleated floral shorts over lacy tights, a striped floral and lace bag, a crochet hair bow, and color blocked oxfords. Pearl and diamond earrings, a kitchen inspired necklace, a rosette ring, and a tea set ring complete the look.

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Secret of the Old Clock [x]

I’ve really been loving the vintage style lately, and the muted colors that sometimes come along with that style. The creams and browns present in a lot of items I love remind me of the locations in Secret of the Old Clock. To create a look that is a mix of modern and vintage inspired by this game, pair a pleated cream dress with a tan cardigan, crochet oxfords, a scalloped satchel, a floral-embellished cloche, and lacy tights. Button earrings, a magnifying glass necklace, clock-inspired bracelets, a cameo ring, and a rosette ring complete the look.

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The Captive Curse [x]

During the autumn, I love cozying up with blankets and a good story. I’ll read almost anything; historical fiction, mysteries, and fairy tales are my favorites. One of the reasons I love playing The Captive Curse is the fairy tale theme present throughout the game. To create a look inspired by this game, pair a lacy top with a gray cardigan, a purple skirt, a satchel bag, a printed scarf, tasseled booties, and lace tights. Floral earrings, a wishing well necklace, a claw ring, a coat of arms ring, and a fairy tale inspired cuff complete the look.

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Sonny Joon’s Doodles [x]

Whenever I play a new game, I’m always on high alert for Sonny Joon sightings, including his doodles and notes. It’s always fun to see these references, and I hope HeR continues to add them in. To create a look inspired by Sonny and his drawings, pair a doodle print dress with a leather jacket, a polka dot satchel, studded flats, and a leather hair bow. Comic book earrings, a pencil necklace, a gold and crystal bracelet, a pencil sharpener ring, and a star ring complete the look.

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Message in a Haunted Mansion [x]

Today, the weather was cold, damp, and dreary. For some reason, this reminded me of what I imagine the weather to be like during MHM. I can just imagine Nancy wandering around the creaking old mansion while outside the day is full of mist, gloomy clouds, and spitting rain. To create a look inspired by this game, pair a floral and lace shirt with a simple skirt, a bow embellished cardigan, a studded satchel bag, ribbon-tie oxfords, and floral hair clips. Floral earrings, a skeleton key necklace, floral bracelets, a cameo ring, and a phoenix ring complete the look.

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Shadow at the Water’s Edge [x]

I’ve recently been loving patterned shirts and blouses. This floral-print blouse instantly reminded me of the garden in Shadow at the Water’s Edge and the cherry blossom icon of the game. To create a look inspired by this game, pair the aforementioned blouse with a knit cardigan, pastel jeans, floral flats, a hair bow, and a box cross body bag. Cherry blossom earrings, an origami necklace, bamboo bracelets, and cherry blossom rings complete the look.

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