Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake [x]

Even though it’s April, the weather is still pretty cool. For me, this means wearing my cardigans and scarves longer. Weather can get pretty chilly on a lake, so I imagine Nancy wore an outfit similar to this one during “Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake”. To create an outfit inspired by this game, pair a cream tee with a gray cardigan, a crochet scarf, pink jeans, and oxfords. Bird earrings, a moon necklace, a dog ring, a moonstone ring, and a floral bag complete the look.

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The Creature of Kapu Cave [x]

CRE is a game that many people in the fandom don’t like to play, but I actually find it very relaxing. After all, you’re in Hawai’i! How could you not be relaxed? Shelling, fishing, and eating shave ice add up to a mini vacation without ever leaving home. To create a look inspired by this game, pair a lace shell with a navy cardigan, mustard jeans, and a pineapple print scarf. Cutout oxfords, bug earrings, a fish hook necklace, a shell ring, and a starfish ring complete the look.

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If I were to do another Polyvore contest, would you all be interested in participating?

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Peachy Keen Ice Cream (Alibi in Ashes) [x]

I love how HeR chose to portray River Heights. The ice cream parlor is absolutely spot on with how I imagine a shop in Nancy’s hometown to look. The wrought iron furniture, the old-fashioned counter, and the chalkboard menu are absolutely delightful. To create a look inspired by one of the sweet treats on the menu, pair a lacy skirt with a bow embellished top, a cardigan, and oxford flats. Peach earrings, a spoon necklace, and bow hair clips complete the look.

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Vintage Nancy Drew [x]

Locket necklaces remind me of Nancy Drew. I think a major reason of that is that they have the word “lock” in them, and we all know how much Nancy likes unlocking things. Another reason is that they are perfect in creating a vintage look, and vintage fashion reminds me of Nancy. To create a look using a locket, pair the necklace with a lace-front dress, a cardigan, glitter oxfords, and a hair bow. A bracelet stack and floral earrings complete the look.

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Camille’s Car (Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon) [x]

I have recently fallen in love with trench coats. I find them to be so classy, elegant, and mysterious. I can easily picture Nancy running around in a trench coat on her cases, especially TRN. There’s just something so perfect about trench coats and train rides together. To create a look inspired by Camille’s Car in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, pair a lace trench coat with a peter pan collared blouse, a jacquard skirt, a cloche hat, and tapestry heels. Floral earrings, a horse ring, a treble clef ring, a pearl bracelet, and a statement necklace complete the look.

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Yumi’s Happy Bento Stand (Shadow at the Water’s Edge) [x]

This winter, I realized how drab my coats are. All of my outerwear options are black, which is very practical, but boring to look at. Now that spring is here, I’m going to be looking for a more colorful coat on the clearance racks. I love the style and buttons of this pink coat, and it reminded me of something that Yumi would wear. For an outfit inspired by Yumi’s bento stand, pair a pink coat with an embellished collar top, pastel jeans, bow flats, and a lace clutch. A box necklace, bento inspired rings and earrings, and bow hair clips complete the look.

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