Cheery Cherry Ice Cream Soda (Alibi in Ashes) [x]

Summer really is the perfect time for ice cream treats. From sundaes to cones to sodas, Scoop in River Heights has a delicious variety for Nancy and her friends to choose from. I’m thinking I would try a cherry soda, since cherries are one of my favorite summer fruits. To create a look inspired by this treat, pair a polka dotted blouse with a cardigan, paper bag waist shorts, and cutout oxfords. A cherry hair bow, spoon necklace, stud earrings, and a cherry ring complete the look.

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The Shattered Medallion [x]

While MED isn’t my favorite game, it certainly wasn’t my least favorite. There were many aspects I enjoyed, including the game’s summery feel. To create a summer-appropriate look inspired by this game, pair scalloped yellow shorts with a flawy blouse and a studded faux leather jacket. Lace-up boots, a messenger bag, and a hair bow are perfect accessories for adventuring. A fern bracelet, an origami star bracelet, a rocket necklace, and alien earrings bring Pacific Run’s challenges and Sonny Joon to mind.  A ring inspired by a medallion and a ring inspired by the puzzle box at the end complete the look.

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The Secret Beach (Danger on Deception Island) [x]

I’ve always thought it would be great to have a secret place to go to like the secret beach in DDI. It would be so wonderful to have a scenic, serene escape from the rest of the world. When playing DDI, I always enjoy going to this peaceful location and building sandcastles and playing with the fish in the tide pool. To create an outfit inspired by this location, pair a cream shirtdress with coordinating cardigan, tights, and oxfords. A quilted fish bag and a crochet hair bow add fun touches to the outfit. Seashell earrings, a sea creature necklace, a fish ring, a shell ring, and a stack of bracelets complete the look.

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Ransom of the Seven Ships [x]

I’ve always thought maps were so cool. When I was younger, I loved creating treasure and scavenger hunts with my sister, and we usually created a map to go with it. One element of RAN that I enjoy is the treasure hunt aspect, with El Toro’s journal of riddles. To create a look inspired by this game, pair a map print dress with a chambray shirt, lace flats, and a fedora. A sailboat necklace, compass ring, captain’s wheel ring, and anchor earrings complete the look.

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River Heights (Alibi in Ashes) [x]

We all had an image of River Heights in our heads before ASH came out. Mine included lots of beautiful gardens all over the town. I can easily imagine a huge, well-groomed garden in front of Nancy’s house. Maybe someday we’ll go back to River Heights and get to explore more of the town! For now, I just imagine that the parts of the town we didn’t see in ASH are full of lush gardens. To create a look inspired by this view of mine, pair a floral skirt with a sleeveless white top and a floral embellished cardigan. Oxford shoes, a bright cross body bag, and a hair bow bring in elements of small town charm. A rosette bracelet, a pearl bracelet with key and lock charms, a fingerprint ring, a rosette necklace, and ice cream earrings and necklace complete the look.

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Message in a Haunted Mansion [x]

This floral skirt instantly reminded me of MHM. The blue color in reminiscent of the beautiful cover art, while the print is reminiscent of the floral wallpaper throughout the mansion. To create a look inspired by this classic game, pair the aforementioned skirt with a Peter Pan collar blouse, a color blocked cardigan, and oxford inspired heels. A blue rosette bracelet, keyhole ring, key necklace, cameo earrings, and flower hair clips complete the look.

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El Toro’s Fleet (Ransom of the Seven Ships) [x]

If I went sailing like Nancy did in RAN, I would wear a nautical inspired outfit. When people wear nautical outfits, they typically wear blue, red, and white. I would choose to use a more muted color palate that still includes some nautical features. This color palette is very reminiscent of El Toro’s journal and the story of his fleet. To create a look inspired by this game, pair a blouse embellished with piping and studs pairs with a ship-print skirt. A color blocked sunhat and sandals are perfect for warm, sunny weather, while anchor earrings, a compass necklace, a stack of bracelets, and a rope ring complete the look.

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