Message in a Haunted Mansion [x]

This floral skirt instantly reminded me of MHM. The blue color in reminiscent of the beautiful cover art, while the print is reminiscent of the floral wallpaper throughout the mansion. To create a look inspired by this classic game, pair the aforementioned skirt with a Peter Pan collar blouse, a color blocked cardigan, and oxford inspired heels. A blue rosette bracelet, keyhole ring, key necklace, cameo earrings, and flower hair clips complete the look.

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El Toro’s Fleet (Ransom of the Seven Ships) [x]

If I went sailing like Nancy did in RAN, I would wear a nautical inspired outfit. When people wear nautical outfits, they typically wear blue, red, and white. I would choose to use a more muted color palate that still includes some nautical features. This color palette is very reminiscent of El Toro’s journal and the story of his fleet. To create a look inspired by this game, pair a blouse embellished with piping and studs pairs with a ship-print skirt. A color blocked sunhat and sandals are perfect for warm, sunny weather, while anchor earrings, a compass necklace, a stack of bracelets, and a rope ring complete the look.

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Legend of the Crystal Skull [x]

During the summer, I like to spend part of my time relaxing, and the other part actually getting something accomplished. This mindset reminds me of CRY, because Nancy is busy at the Bolet home, while Bess was relaxing in the city (until Nancy needed her help). Plus, the location of New Orleans is called “The Big Easy.” It’s easy to imagine taking a summer trip down there. To create a look inspired by this game, pair a sleeveless lace blouse with a skull cardigan, a belted khaki shirt, and studded t-strap flats. A satchel bag is perfect for carrying around necessities, while a fedora will provide some coverage from the summer heat. Skull earrings, a pearl bracelet, a floral statement necklace, and an alligator ring complete the look.

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Vintage Nancy Drew [x]

In many of the old hardback books, Nancy spends time at country clubs and outdoor parties. This outfit is inspired by what I imagine Nancy would wear when tracking down suspects and clues at a summery outdoor party. A white lace dress pairs perfectly with a bow embellished straw hat. A gold Peter Pan collar necklace, lacy heels, and a pearl clutch bag all bring vintage clothing to mind. Floral earrings, a rosette bracelet, and a moonstone ring complete the look.

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The Creature of Kapu Cave [x]

There are so many adorable pairs of shorts on the market today. From lace and embroidery to studs and sequins, there is a unique pair out there for everyone. These sequin embellished cream shorts reminded me of CRE. The sequins are scattered across the shorts just like shells on a Hawaiian beach. To create a look inspired by this game, pair the aforementioned shorts with a sleeveless cream blouse. A fedora hat and gold embellished sandals are perfect summer accessories. Hibiscus earrings, a starfish necklace, and seashell and starfish rings complete the look.

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Danger by Design [x]

Danger by Design is a very atmospheric game. From the graphics to the people to the beautiful soundtrack, the Parisian feel is very evident. That elegant, French feel can be transferred into fashionable outfits such as this one. Pair a tee printed with a view of Paris with a lace skirt and a coordinating leather jacket. A camera shaped purse, lace panel booties, and a gold cuff bracelet add chic flair to the outfit. A statement necklace, Eiffel Tower ring, and crystal earrings complete the look.

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Ghost of Thornton Hall [x]

I definitely associate GTH with lace because of the clues HeR gave us during the development of the game. Their notes about researching lace and the photos of lace masks have definitely influenced how I view fashion for this game. Lacy pieces can be dark and elegant, just like the game itself. To create a look inspired by this game, pair white jeans with a sleeveless black top and a kimono style jacket with lace trim. A lace box clutch, black and white sandals, and a metal flower headband add a touch of elegance. Floral earrings, a cameo ring, a birdcage ring, and a mask necklace complete the look.

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